Revamped Grand Video Awards 2020!

The exceptional times we have found ourselves in sparked the need for exceptional solutions. That is why this year's edition of the Grand Video Awards was broadcast online. It had no effect on interest in the event or the volume of submitted videos, which ultimately totalled over 600. Martin Stankiewicz received the Channel of the Year award, and Krzysztof Gonciarz was presented once again with the Viewers' Award. The ASUS brand was the technological partner.

Grand Video Awards summary

The Grand Video Award gala is organised to select and honour the best and most innovative creators of the “Polish Internet”. 54 productions out of over 600 submitted ones were admitted to the final stage. The contestants competed in 14 categories. The works were diverse in terms of topics and execution, but all of them had extremely high production and artistic value.

This year, the main prize was awarded to Martin Stankiewicz, who won in two categories (HOBBY, TRAVEL, SPORT and MUSIC) and received the Channel of the Year award.

As always, one of the most interesting categories was the audience award, as the viewers are the direct recipients of the content posted by the creators. The interest was enormous, and 21,518 votes were cast. It is also important to mention that one of the voters will receive the innovative ZenBook 14 UX425 from ASUS. The Viewers' Award was “presented” to Krzysztof Gonciarz, just like last year.

ASUS became a patron of the “EDUCATION, SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY” category

At this year’s GVA, ASUS became the technological partner in one of the most demanding categories: EDUCATION, SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY.The competition was extremely fierce, and the quality of the videos was very high, both in terms of content and as well as visual aspects. As many as 6 productions created by exceptional personalities were admitted to the final stage.

The jury decided to recognise a person of many talents, the extraordinary creator Cezary “CeZik” Nowak for his "NutkoSfera – „Małe ciała niebieskie || NutkoSfera". The video presents extraordinary phenomena in an interesting and easy to understand way. Cezary “CeZik” Nowak has continued to set trends for many years, and the EDUCATION, SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY category is extremely important, especially in view of the many changes taking place all over the world.That is why it deserves even more appreciation.

Innovation in every aspect of life

Summing up this year's Grand Video Awards, changes are clearly visible at first glance. What will they bring, going forward? The broadly defined creativity and innovation will certainly cope, whatever the times or circumstances.Being a creator let you comment on the reality, educate, discover, and entertain. Making your dreams come true, continuing to develop and letting others know about it is a good idea. One of the ways to go about it is by taking part in various competitions, such as the Grand Video Awards, because it is great to be noticed by creating something interesting. 


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