#CreateAsUs organised in a different way.
Time for a quick summary.

The year 2020 was "special", it definitely redefined reality and changed how we perceive it. This obviously had a direct impact on the creators who showed at the thirteenth edition of the #CreateAsUs competition what creativity and passion for creation are. This time COLLECTIVE was the main theme. How did the young artists do in this challenge? Let's just reveal the results were surprising! Enjoy your reading!

Lucky 13 #CreateAsUs

Once again, the ASUS brand has become a technological partner of the Poster Fair. This time, the young artists were unable to meet in person during this iconic event. To the extent possible, a large part of it has been organised online. The goal of the competition was to create a unique poster commenting on the new reality, which is why the leitmotif was closeness in times of distance, as expressed with a single word – COLLECTIVE. Young artists were tasked with creating a unique poster. Since it is the thirteenth edition, thirteen lucky artists (winners) were selected. The winners received the ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo UX581 laptop and sets of gadget, and the best works were featured in the 2020 Online Poster Fair virtual gallery!

Behind the scenes: a few words about #CreateAsUs

There were 1159 submissions in the thirteenth edition of the competition, and the jury awarded the main prize and 12 distinctions. The works in the finals surprised everyone with their diversity and an interesting approach to the subject. Among them were both traditional posters as well as exceptionally elaborate illustrations showcasing the character and style of the artist. Despite different visions and views, all submissions expressed the shared belief in collective action and cooperation in many fields, especially in friendly interpersonal communication. Young creators once again proved that they can create something unique regardless of adversities or unusual circumstances, which is how they help #CreateAsUs evolve with every subsequent edition of the competition.

Moja nowa ilustracja „Kolektyw” stworzona dla @createasus / @asuspl 👉 z okazji kolejnej edycji akcji #CreateAsUs Jednocześnie zachęcam do udziału w konkursie w którym mam zaszczyt być jednym z jurorów :):):) Konkurs skierowany jest do ilustratorów i plakacistów, a temat to właśnie #kolektyw —> więcej informacji na stronie www.createasus.pl

Last but not least: why did this exact work win? A word from the #CreateAsUs jury

The jury of the thirteenth edition was an exceptional trio: Andrzej Pągowski, Patryk Hardziej, and Adam Żelazko. The quality of the submitted works exceeded all expectations, as usual, so it was extremely difficult to choose the best one. After many deliberations that led to the selection of Michał Widerski's work, the jury justified their decision and also offered guidance to future #CreateAsUs participants: “Compared to all of the submitted projects, the work that won stands out with a different, witty and very intelligent idea, presenting the COLLECTIVE in a way that surprised us. That's because this "collective” is something all of us take advantage of. It is hard to imagine, but had it not been for the COLLECTIVE, there would be no submitted projects, because the three primary colours "working together" create all other existing colours. The work was created using a simple painting technique, making its artistic form timeless. It could just as well have been created in the 1950s as well as in the future.”

What will the fourteenth edition of the #CreateAsUs competition be like? Please be patient for a moment, but what we can promise today is that it will be interesting. Keep looking for inspiration every day!

Serwus. To już ostatnia szansa na udział w konkursie #CreateAsUs organizowanym przez markę ASUS, którego jestem ambasadorką. Organizatorzy czekają do 30 listopada na Wasze prace! Macie cały weekend na przygotowanie konkursowego plakatu (do wygrania są super nagrody) 😎 Wszystkie informacje możecie znaleźć na stronie: www.createasusu.pl #CreateAsUs @createasus