ZenBook's 10th anniversary.
Set out on an extraordinary journey and discover new possibilities that make peace and balance the foundations of creation.

Technology often reflects the world that surrounds us, supporting, broadening the perspective and transporting to another dimension. ZenBook is an excellent example of this, being a technological breakthrough that showcased new solutions and offered different perspectives. Let's look together at how ZenBook was created by talking to the #CreateAsUs ambassadors, and venture into the future. Ready? Let's go!

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In the past again: the short history of ZenBook

The idea behind the ZenBook stems from the Zen philosophy, where peace, balance, precision and focus on details play an important role. The name was suggested by Jonney Shih, the Chairman of ASUS. The model that initiated this unique series was the UX21, which kick-started the ultrabook revolution. The exceptional combination of materials (aluminium, glass) and ‘simple’ design of the pioneering series caught the attention of many designers (and not only them). From the beginning it followed the principle of offering the best solutions tailored to the needs of users, while presenting new possibilities. Examples include:

  • Uncompromising mobility (creating opportunities to work wherever you are)
  • Precisely designed innovation (each solution has been tested to ensure it offers real support during work)
  • ScreenPad Plus (experiencing top performance thanks to the innovative pad)

Over the decade ZenBook has become an iconic ASUS laptop and a technological flagship that provides solutions to customers around the world. Many factors contributed to this, like the persistence of designers who have continued to optimise production processes, and the right selection of materials to successfully create the most modern and ergonomic solution that meets the users' needs. From the very beginning, performance, mobility, craftsmanship and innovation have been in ZenBook's DNA. All this continues to define ZenBook to this day, and designers and users look to the future driven by their own vision.

Efficiently and creatively, from anywhere in the world

Call with a view 📞🗺 / @asuspl #AsusZenBookProDuoPL

“In a few months I will celebrate my ZenBook anniversary and I regret that I didn't get to know this hardware earlier. Two screens ensure great comfort of work. I don't need to switch between windows all the time while writing and replying to e-mails or looking for materials for my illustrations, which speeds up my work. My laptop, like all laptops, is mobile but it doesn't make you carry an additional 10 kg when you travel, which is quite an important feature, especially now in my case. Tired of the pandemic, I temporarily moved to Indonesia in November 2020. This was possible because of what I do, and I can work from anywhere in the world. I brought along all the necessary equipment with me (including the ZenBook) and this is how I'm spending my fifth month in Bali. ZenBook accompanies me to various cafés and co-working spaces, where I have been asked about two screens on many occasions. It is definitely an excellent piece of equipment for creative people and those who multitask,” said Ania Augustynowicz, ambassador of the #CreateAsUs project.

Optimizing the time spent working

Aż czasami trudno mi uwierzyć, że wszystko montuję i renduję na tym jednym laptopie 😌 Zenbook Pro Duo (wersja i9, 32gb ram). #CreateAsUs #ZenBookProDuoPL #workspace #mowikamera #filmmaking #office #workstation #PA329c #proart

This laptop will prove useful not only for a multitasking illustrator. ZenBook is also a great substitute for a desktop computer intended for video editing and rendering big files. This is how another ambassador of the #CreateAsUs campaign, Adrian Kilar, works: "What I value most about ZenBook is its performance and the extra screen. I usually have the video editing timeline displayed on it. After a year of using it, I can certainly say that it works very well, which means that my clients get the finished video sooner.” We do not need to convince anyone that time is money, so the efficiency of the equipment in use at the editing station is essential to make work as effective as possible.

A pleasurable and inspiring experience in the comfort of your home

Niedługo mają przyjść kalendarze, więc ostatnie dni względnego chillu przed szaleństwem wysyłki poświęcam na kojące rysowanie tłuściutkich stworzeń i słuchanie sobie co tam senseje ze skillshare mają do powiedzenia 😉 Czy można się wobec tego spodziewać naklejków z anatomicznie niedorzecznymi istotami? Z całą pewnością być może 😃 #ZenBookDuoPL #asus

"It's been a year since I've been using ZenBook. I mainly use it to draw and write, and the small screen helps me display references for drawings, book notes and various extremely important things like how the delivery person is doing with the pizza I ordered. It makes life much easier. One of the unexpected advantages of the laptop is keeping notes on the small screen. Now, if I want to remember something and not panic about the alarm clock at the same time, I don't have to stick notes to the monitor like some caveman. Now I have a digital sticky on my small screen. As they say, the future is now. My computer also heroically resists crashing even when I run my mega advanced base in Oxygen Not Included. I appreciate that,” Ilona Myszkowska, one of the first ambassadors of the #CreateAsUs project, summarizes her experience working with ZenBook. Thanks to her feedback, we found out how much joy everyday duties and small pleasures can bring 😊

What does the future hold for us?

ZenBook's 10th anniversary is not only an opportunity to reminisce the great years behind us. New products and innovations are ahead, fostering creativity, supporting the creative process and ensuring efficiency. The last year has shown that one cannot assume too many things. You should carefully make plans and predictions, but one thing is certain. Even when you stay at home, you can work efficiently and create amazing projects, as demonstrated by the most recent editions of the #CreateAsUs project. We wish ourselves another 10 years as successful as the ones behind us, both in terms of the development of technology, as well as pursuing our personal passions, interests and all creative activities.

The launch of the next version of ZenBook Pro Duo UX582 is ahead, and you will hear about it soon! In the meantime, check out our latest dual-screenZenBook UX482 if you want to get started in the creative world of technology today!