Augustynka. My life as a collage – what inspires me to create?

What is important to you in life and when you create?

Harmony is very important to me in my private life and at work. I try to live in harmony with myself and with the environment. This is something I also practice at work. When I have inner peace, I can create and be creative. Meditation, sport, yoga and travelling help me a lot, as they are very inspiring and let me clear my head.

Do you manage to maintain work-life balance, a concept that has been so popular recently, or is it the case that creative work and creative thinking keep you engaged all the time?

I don't think I would even want to disengage from “creative thinking” :) The beauty of it is that it is always with me! 

How does technology affect your creative process?

For me and for many illustrators, technology speeds up the process and makes it a seamless experience. I think I may even venture to say it makes it “easier”. When I receive feedback from a client, I don't have to start all over again but simply make the changes on my computer. This is really convenient. I can confidently say that without technology my work would not be as “comfortable”. Thanks to technology, all the software I use fits on one small device. It also lets me focus entirely on digital, as I only use analogue methods occasionally.

Technology gives us, illustrators, the opportunity to develop in “express” mode. Instead of a bucket full of brushes, we only need a single stylus, and we have access to various online courses and training. In today's world, time is precious and technology lets you save it. I really can't imagine working without it.

Apart from the comfort you mentioned, can technology inspire greater creativity?

In my case, yes. Technology = working faster = delivering more ideas in a shorter time.

What are your sources of inspiration for your works?

I always try to keep my eyes open. Usually, inspiration comes when you least expect it, so I try to be very attentive. I often get inspired by things in everyday life, travelling, surroundings or conversations. I love observing and meeting new interesting and inspiring people, who drive me to act.

Have you ever experienced a total lack of inspiration? How did you deal with it?

Yes. This happens usually when I have a lot on my mind and the deadline is very tight. Stress doesn’t support creativity. At times like this, I try to slow down and choose to do a good project at the expense of other things. 

How did your adventure with collage begin?

When I was still studying, I had an assignment to make a “photo montage”. To my surprise, it went really smoothly, too smoothly even. I really liked this technique, so I started working on it. As it turned out later, while browsing my old works at my family home, I already made a collage when I was young but I didn't know it was called that :)

Apart from that, I have always enjoyed photography. I decided I would give new life to the already taken photos through their decomposition. Time went by and collage was replaced by drawing, which I have always preferred.

Flora and fauna for @britishvogue June issue 🌿 / #collage #mixedmedia #britishvogue #vogueillustration
In terms of style, it's hard for me to say how long it took to develop because I think it's a continuous process. I keep developing, and my style evolves with me. I have listened to my intuition and my-self from the beginning. The collages I create are an accurate depiction of what's in my imagination.


Do you identify yourself emotionally with your works? Have you ever decided not to publish a work because, for example, it revealed too much about you?

Not really. The only connection I have with my works is sentiment. As regards not publishing something, it did happened to me, but because I thought the work was not good enough in the end.

How does the ambience affect your creative process?

Ambience has a major influence on my work. I can't work in cafés or noisy and crowded places. As I mentioned before, I need peace to work effectively. The only sound I tolerate is the music I choose, depending on the mood I’m in. That's why I love to work in my studio (or occasionally at home), which is an oasis for me.

Summer in the studio ☀️ / @asuspl #AsusZenBookProDuoPL


Do you enjoy working on your ZenBook? Do two screens help you work?

Since I started working on my ZenBook, my daily work has become much more FUN – I’m not kidding! Thanks to its two screens I can simultaneously work, reply to emails and, occasionally, browse social networks :) It keeps me from getting distracted so easily, and I have a sense of having everything under control. Besides, I really like gadgets, so I enjoy the second screen. I also often use the second screen to browse and select photos while designing.

Do you think dual-screen laptops are the future for creators who need to multitask just like you? For example outside designing, when they interact with clients or run their own social media channels?

I think so. It is very convenient and improves the workflow for creators who work mainly in digital.

What trends in art are you the most interested in? What are your plans for the future, for your development?

It will probably not be a big surprise: my favourite art movements are Surrealism, Dadaism, Cubism and Art Deco (as a style). In the future I plan to explore the 3D modelling technique and play around with the camera and camcorder. These are just some random ideas that have been stuck in my head for some time now. Right now, I plan to delve deeper into collage. I believe that that there are many undiscovered “nooks and crannies” in this technique, and that is has a lot to offer :)

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