Mila Fringee

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Journalist with degree and artist with passion. Prefers living in unstoppable rush. Daily works with influencers, mainly by managing their careers. Also does analog collages, collects newspaper clippings, leaflets, photos and creates paper pachtworks from what she manages to collect. Every collage is both an artistic comment to our reality and personal autotherapy. Deeply loves coffee, rush, noise and wandering around the city. Always and tirelessly looking for inspiration. Not sleeping much, because there is always something to do. Sleeping usually seems as a big waste of time, plus it’s really boring. She has distance to herself and the world she lives in. She also will go the end of the world for creative people with great sense of humour. She worked with magazines like „Zwierciadło”, „Harper’s Bazaar”, „Skarb” and created graphic layout for Mela Koteluk CD album „Migawka” and Red Lips’ „Ja wam zatańczę”, for whom she also created collages for liryc video.

I am Mila and create analog collage. Come see my work here - MILA FRINGEE ART