Beata Śliwińska – Barrakuz

Last editions
#Create AsUs | Targi Plakatu 2017

Born in 1988 in Poland. She is a landscape architect and graphic designer and illustrator, with passion and profession of set design. She works and lives in Warsaw. She is a fan of collage and this technique lean her work style. Beata deals with the post-production graphic editorial photo sessions and fashion, smuggling in collage arts in her work style. The techniques which the most common is a digital collage, but they also based on analogues and creating handwritten images. Thus, what she tries to pay attention to the design is the uncompromising forms and shapes, fun of deconstruction and linking meanings, aesthetic contrasts. Style, which she represents is working on layers and textures of different images. Awarded by Polish Graphic Design Award Jury for best press illustrations designer and best commercial posters design for Adidas Originals in 2018. Worked and collaborated with: Spotify, Santander Bank, Adidas, Levi’s Strauss, Orange, Vogue Italia, Reserved, Komono Antwerp, Naked, polish music bands and artists, polish record labels as: Asfalt Records, U know me records, Warner, Sony Music Poland, PURO hotels, Prosto Wear, Audioriver Music Festival and many more.